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Anonymous asked:

There are plenty of people that compete while getting ready for college. I just don't think you had the work ethic for it.




Haha thanks. The decision is mine isn’t it, not yours? Sorry I decided to focus on my education more than a sport I have decided not to pursue in college. Thanks for your crappy opinion now get off my blog ✌️

About the work ethic, I came back from having surgery on my hip that continued to give me problems for a year and won my first feis back. I placed my 3rd time in OC. And I recalled at oireachtas after falling on stage and breaking my foot. PLEASE tell me about MY work ethic.

Who ever this is, don’t be so horrible. We have tried really hard to make this a place where we can share our stories (ups and downs), motivate each other to be better, help one another when we are struggling, and positively embrace our love for Irish dancing. So I think it would be best if you please take yourself, and your anonymous, negative (and untrue) comments elsewhere.

WARNING: we are not afraid to treble on your face, front click you, or jig you offstage into a pit of scary ADs.

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